Outdoor Recreation in Change
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Outdoor Recreation in Change

The research program Outdoor Recreation in Change (Friluftsliv i förändring) vas active during 2006 — 2012 and is now closed.

The opportunities for engaging in outdoor recreational activities in Sweden are excellent, in diverse surroundings and easily accessible. We do however lack sufficient knowledge about who actually engages in outdoor recreation, the reasons for it and the ensuing effects on the individual and the society. The research program Outdoor Recreation in Change is intended to provide us with more and better knowledge about outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism in Sweden.    

- This is a unique opportunity; it´s the first time in Sweden for a national, unified research program on outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism, says the programleader Peter Fredman.

Interdisciplinary research
Outdoor Recreation in Change started in October 2006, and will run for six years. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is contributing funds in excess of SEK36 million for the program.

- The results of the research will be important for the work of the agency on outdoor recreation, says Christina Frimodig, coordinator of outdoor recreation at the agency.

The importance of outdoor recreation is gaining attention throughout society. Spending time in the outdoors may have positive effects on people´s well-being and health, yield more knowledge about the nature, can work as a pedagogical aid and result in positive regional development. On the other hand, there may be disruptions and negative impact in sensitive areas.

- The conditions and opportunities to engage in outdoor recreation are changing in concert with society, and there is a demand for new knowledge. This is the reason why we need interdisciplinary knowledge to learn how to plan, manage and develop outdoor recreation opportunities in Sweden.

Outdoor Recreation in Change program plan, download herePDF
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