Friluftsliv i Förändring

Welcome to the research program

Outdoor Recreation in Change

The research program Outdoor Recreation in Change (Friluftsliv i förändring) was active from 2006 to 2012 and has now closed. The program was an interdisciplinary, national research program for the study of outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism in Sweden with the aim to present a broad picture of the dynamics of outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism.   

The program was a network project, involving about 15 researchers from seven universities and colleges in Sweden funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Read more in the program planPDF

During the 6.5 years the program was active 177 scientific publications were produced, five national and one international conference with more than 1000 participants were organized, approximately 40 workshops and seminars arranged, six PhD theses and opinion articles in major national newspapers published.
This web site now contains information about the program which we believe is of value also after the program has ended.
Peter Fredman, Mid-Sweden University
Program Director
Marie Stenseke, Gothenburg University
Deputy Program Director

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